Sweeneypalooza Beer Run

A Great(?) Way to Start a Great Day


It's Casey's Idea....

Casey suggested that it would be a great opportunity for us to kick off our big party day with an athletic competition, so we're going to conduct a beer run. What is that? Well, the traditional form of it is a mile run, with each 1/4 mile lap preceded by consuming a 12oz. beer. Yes, that means 4 beers AND a mile run. We didn't say this is a good idea.

For the Sweeneypalooza Beer Run, we'll tone it down a bit, with just 2 beers and 2 loops of a 1/3 mile Wagon Wheel Ranch off-road trail. We'll have 2-person teams in Men's, Women's, and Coed Divisions.  

There are rules (seriously) about which beer you can use, so since we're in Colorado, the beer of choice will be our beloved ice cold Coors Banquet.

Beer Run participants should plan on being at Wagon Wheel Ranch by 11:30 am.