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School Year Sports League 2011-12




Welcome to the School Year Sports League 2012-12, a year-long competition where YOU own teams in four professional and two college sports, along with a PGA golfer and NASCAR driver.


What is it?

A year-long sports league where participants pick a team or player from each of 8 different professional and college sports leagues.


How long is the season?

The “season” runs for an entire year – from September 1, 2011 through August 31, 2012.


What do I have to do?

Not much besides picking your teams. The league organizers keep track of points for your teams. Results are posted online every month and it’s really easy to keep track. The only tinkering you may need to do is to trade out one of your non-performers during the year (one time only).


What is the entry fee?

$40 for the year for one entry. New for 2011-12 - volume pricing! Can’t decide whether to go heavy in football or golf? Now add a second entry for just $20 more! And a third for another $10!


One entry - $40

Two entries - $60

Three entries - $70


Sorry, discounts are per person (no clustering!).


Are there prizes?

YES. Total prizes will depend on the number of participants. 2010-11 totaled over $2,000!  The pot is distributed as follows (spreading out the wealth for 2011-12):



1st place - 5% of the total pot

2nd place - 4% of the total pot

3rd place - 3% of the total pot

4th place - 2% of the total pot

5th place - 1% of the total pot

Quarters are: Q1 - September-November; Q2 - December-February; Q3 - March-May; Q4 - June-August.




1st place - 15% of the total pot
2nd place - 7.5% of the total pot
3rd place - 6% of the total pot
4th place - 4% of the total pot
5th place - 2% of the total pot

6th place - 1.5%

7th place - 1%

8th place - 1%

9th place - 1%

10th place - 1%



How does it work?

Each participant will select a team in each of 6 team sports:





 NCAA football

 NCAA men’s basketball

And one member of the PGA Tour and one driver from the NASCAR Sprint Cup.


Each participant has a team salary cap of $80 (and a salary floor of $74). The total cost of your 8 selections must be equal to or between those numbers. You can choose to spend a lot on one team and go cheap on others, or pick $10 entries in each sport. You just have to pick an entry in each sport. You get points for every regular season or playoff victory your teams earn (none awarded for exhibition, pre-season, any of those dumb college basketball tournaments for losers, or ties). Your PGA golfer and NASCAR driver earn you points for every PGA Tour and NASCAR Sprint Cup victory and top ten finish. The 2011 PGA Tour season finishes with the World Golf Championships-HSBC ChampionsNovember 6th. The NASCAR Sprint Cup Series ends November 20th with the Ford 400.


You may want to leave some room under the cap, because you might need to make a change...


TRADE A TEAM/PLAYER: Trade one of your teams or players! Leave yourself some room under the cap to trade out one of your teams or players for a better performing one. Each player gets to trade out one team/individual during the year for another in the same sport. However, you can’t go over the $80 salary cap. Once you trade out a team or individual, you get any future points from the new team/individual (plus the points up to that date earned from your old team).


Example: Your total picks equal 74, and your NFL team is the St. Louis Rams. You realize that choosing St. Louis was a dumb idea. Now you can swap that pick out! Since you had $6 left under the cap, you can trade the St. Louis Rams for another NFL team - for as much as $6 more than St. Louis’ value. You only get one trade for the year, and each sport will have a specific trade deadline date (see below). Trades must be made by and take effect on the dates specified.

MORE GROUND RULES ON TRADES: You can only make one trade during the year among the 8 sports. You CAN trade down (meaning, swap a more expensive team for a cheaper team), but you don’t get to use any freed up cap space. You DON’T HAVE TO MAKE A TRADE at all if you are satisfied with your lineup.


What if one of my teams wins the championship?

Good for you! Bonus points are awarded to teams (or driver) that win their championship (or win one of the four major tournaments in golf).


Leagues play different numbers of games. How are scores determined to keep it fair?

Point values for victories are different depending on the league and how many games are played. The league is designed to give approximately the same weight for each of the 8 sports.


Point Values (changes for 2011-12!)

MLB - 2 points per win

NBA - 3 points per win

NFL - 15 points per win

NHL - 4 points per win

NCAA Football - 18 points per win

NCAA Basketball - 7 points per win

PGA Golf - 15 points per Top-10 finish; 15 more for a win. 10 point bonus for majors (25 for Top-10; 25 more for a win)

NASCAR - 8 points per Top-10 finish; 12 more for a win


Championship Bonuses (40 points each, except PGA)

2011 World Series Winner

2012 NBA Champion

Super Bowl XLVI Winner 

2012 Stanley Cup Champion

2012 BCS Championship Game Winner 

2012 NCAA Men’s Basketball National Champion

2011 Sprint Cup Champion

2011 FedEx Cup Championship (25 points)


Trade Deadlines for Each Sport (entrants may only make one trade in one sport during the year)

NCAA FB: September 30, 2011

NFL: October 31, 2011

NHL: November 30, 2011

NBA: December 31, 2011 January 31, 2012

NCAA BB: December 31, 2011

PGA: April 30, 2012

MLB: May 31, 2012

NASCAR: May 31, 2012


Okay, how do I sign up?

Well, the 2011-12 season is already underway. If you are interested in participating in the 2012-13 SYSL, let us know.